S.S.C. System Safety Certificate

The perfect system for tracking and protecting against counterfeiting of your mechanical parts

A unique and patented system that can determinate in real time if a part is exactly in the place it is expected to be. With a simple gesture, through the reading of a QR Code, SSC will immediately show a part's intended location. The user could establish in real time if a part is original or not.

Furthermore the system provide, through the usage of a password, the correct visualization of traceability of the component, it's provenance with all various passages from producer the customer, certificates, designs and various notes.


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Our unique and patented system for online certification, absolute guarantee on the originality of our products.

Would you like to remove doubts about usage of non original mechanical parts?
Would you like to have the certainty that the part you are looking at is your?
Would you like to know it in real time?

Definitive solution exist...

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